Introducing Your New GoTo



At GoTo, we believe your most important asset is your time. Whether you’re spending it on a big work project or planning your next great family adventure, your time matters. Nothing bugs us more than technology that steals time: whether it’s glitchy meetings, patchy remote access, unhelpful support, or a tool that’s so counterintuitive, it feels like more work to use it.

That’s why we relaunched LogMeIn as GoTo today.

We built the new GoTo by listening to our nearly 1 million customers and the challenges they face. We analyzed the behaviors of over a billion users joining meetings and webinars, and half a billion connections on our remote access and support tools. What we heard is that SMBs need tools to communicate, connect, support, and secure their workforces. But that alone isn’t enough — loud and clear our users said they need simplicity and ease of use.

So we set out to unify our products and hone our vision. With the only IT management & support and communications portfolio that’s easy to use and even easier to deploy. Anchored by one app, one admin system, and a hyperfocus on security and reliability, we’ve launched two flagship products — GoTo Connect and GoTo Resolve. Our flexible-work software is purposefully built so everyone can make the most of the time they have. In addition to our products, we also made GoTo easier to find, easier to understand, and easier to do business with.

GoTo is about empowering you and your customers to get work done anywhere, at any time. Our portfolio gives you the tools to allow your employees to get work done on their own terms: from taking business calls on the go, to hosting virtual gatherings or webinars, to troubleshooting laptops and devices. No matter where in the world your employees are, we’ve got you covered. We ensure that business continues without disruption while your devices stay up and running and your employees continue to connect with one another and your customers. We are the only company that can say that. No one else can both support and connect SMBs with near 100% up-time performance, 24/7 dedicated support, and a first of its kind, zero trust approach to security.

We want our technology to be seamless and fade into the background. So you can focus on getting work done and moving on to what really matters. Simply put: GoTo ensures the time you work is well spent, so your time outside work can be better spent.

It’s time to discover your new GoTo.

Jamie Domenici, Chief Marketing Officer at GoTo
Current go-to's: morning workouts and weekend trips to Tahoe