Newly rebranded company, GoTo, disrupts the IT support landscape with GoTo Resolve, a new, modern IT management product built for today’s flexible workforce



GoTo Resolve brings first to market zero trust architecture as well as conversational IT support ticketing for all free and paying customers

BOSTON, February 2, 2022 – The newly launched GoTo, formerly known as LogMeIn, today announced the release of a new IT management & support (ITSM) product, GoTo Resolve. GoTo Resolve modernizes IT support by bringing together all the tools small and midsize businesses (SMBs) need to manage and support employees in a flexible, secure, and conversational way. GoTo Resolve includes a feature-rich free tier making premium, secure IT management & support accessible to businesses of all sizes.

With IT teams supporting employees in locations that range from corporate headquarters, to dispersed home offices, to those on-the-go, IT problems have grown and evolved, placing additional stress on these teams and causing greater frustrations for employees. GoTo Resolve will simplify and create much-needed experience consistency to IT by bringing together GoTo’s years of expertise in world-class IT management & support functionality with an all-new conversational ticketing feature set in a single, consolidated product. The new product is built with the IT needs of today at the forefront in a modern, intuitive interface, with enterprise-grade security including first of its kind zero trust access controls, consumer-grade ease of use, and the ability to deploy in minutes for free, or at a value-tested price point.

“GoTo Resolve offers IT leaders a holistic approach to supporting the IT needs of today’s digital-first workforce. What we have brought to market will fundamentally change and democratize how employees engage with service desks and how IT responds to problems,” said Dave Campbell, Vice President of Product for GoTo Resolve and Remote Solutions Group at GoTo. “Whether it’s by bringing together reactive and proactive support features into a single interface, developing a conversational approach to problem requests and resolutions, or introducing a first of its kind zero trust security architecture, we’ve developed a product that takes direct aim at the struggles IT teams are facing every day. Over the past few months, positive feedback from GoTo Resolve’s beta has been very encouraging citing benefits such as the speed and ease of use, to GoTo Resolve serving as a tool built with the agent experience in mind. GoTo Resolve improves the overall experience for everyone by helping to keep devices secure and functional while employees stay productive from wherever they choose to get work done.” 

GoTo Resolve includes features such as:

  • Multi-Platform Support lets IT meet any user on any device with support for all systems – PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.
  • Remote Access and Support Tools triage and resolve issues consistently and quickly with or without an end-user present.
  • Background Device Management simplifies support by quickly pulling system diagnostics, accessing command prompts, and managing files from deployed hosts without needing to start a remote session.
  • Zero Trust Security Architecture adds an additional, first of its kind layer of security for remote access and automation which, with zero trust, require a second, unique verification by anyone and everything.
  • Conversational Ticketing seamlessly bridges requests with resolutions by allowing employees and IT professionals to create and manage support tickets right from workplace messaging apps like Microsoft Teams.
  • Remote Execution frees up valuable IT resources by automating manual tasks across any and all endpoints simultaneously.
  • Zero-download Camera Sharing to expand the range of what IT teams can support to include disconnected devices, home Wi-Fi, printers, and more.

These features are just the beginning of what GoTo Resolve will offer to IT teams. Throughout 2022 and beyond, GoTo Resolve will rapidly expand to help IT leaders address many more of the IT problems they face on a regular basis. In the coming months, these include expanding the remote monitoring and management capabilities, deploying endpoint security features, launching out-of-box ITSM integrations, and much more.

“At Wainhouse, we’ve seen a strong appetite among IT buyers for consolidated applications that unify remote access, management, and support solutions with zero trust security built-in. More specifically, SMBs are looking for robust support tools that are built with their needs in mind,” said Sean Spradling, Senior Analyst at Wainhouse Research. “Freemium entry points and conversational ticketing with third-party integrations, among the features offered by GoTo Resolve, are very appealing to this segment of the market.”

“With a small IT support team, we are very excited about what GoTo Resolve is able to bring to our organization,” said Mel Schroyer, Network Administrator at Education Minnesota. “We have found the remote access to be invaluable for supporting our nearly 200 remote staff, while the integrated ticketing solution solves a big gap in our work. Layering in Microsoft Teams, the simplified automation capabilities, and easy-to-navigate console, it really feels like GoTo has created a unique system for organizations like ours.”

The launch of GoTo Resolve and continued evolution and enhancement to GoTo Connect’s unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions gives GoTo a unique tool set that will help companies adjust to permanent flexible work. GoTo’s new products allow SMB IT teams to seamlessly manage their systems and communicate with their employees to get the right information and fix issues quicker through a single provider and application. GoTo’s unified administration center brings together products like GoTo Connect and now GoTo Resolve, giving IT leaders a single app from which they can manage their users, entitlements, and configurations. Forthcoming additional integrations between GoTo’s communications and collaborations technology and IT support tools opens possibilities to further simplify the day-to-day operations for IT teams, remove end-user friction points, and alleviate many of the headaches felt in this new flexible work world.

GoTo Resolve is available now and best of all, free to use or with paid plans starting at $79 per month. For more information please visit:

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GoTo’s flexible-work software – including GoTo Connect, GoTo Resolve, Rescue, Central, and more – is built for small and midsize business IT departments, but powerful enough for the enterprise. GoTo software is designed to support end-users' unified communications & collaboration (UCC) and IT management & support needs, and nearly 800K customers contribute to the more than 1 billion people joining meetings, classes, and webinars through GoTo’s UCC products, and half a billion connections on the company's remote access and support tools. By building its secure, easy-to-use software, GoTo is committed to ensuring the time at work is well spent so that time outside of work is better spent. With over 3,000 global employees and over $1 billion in annual revenue, the remote-centric company’s physical headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, with additional offices and thousands of home offices in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and beyond.

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