What’s New: Enhancing Productivity with GoTo Resolve

GoTo Resolve updates March 2024


In recent months, the GoTo Resolve team has been on a journey of innovation, crafting new features and enhancements aimed at enriching the customer experience. We are thrilled to unveil an array of updates that showcase our continuous commitment to helping our customers do more with less. From a new AI-powered assistant to a host of other functionalities, our latest roundup promises to bring productivity enhancements, improving the way you work with GoTo Resolve! 


An AI-backed sidekick that turns agent queries into instant insights and actionable advice. GoPilot is here to streamline daily workflows, enable faster diagnostics, and smarter decision-making, with:

  • Device health checks: Stay informed with real-time system diagnostics, both within and outside of support sessions, including resource utilization and update status.
  • Guided patch management: Identifies when patches are required, affected devices are automatically selected for you, making it as easy as pressing “run.
  •  Live screen interpreter: Decode end-user screens in remote support sessions, such as translating foreign languages, analyzing graphs to spot issues, unfamiliar error codes, and more.
  • Automated note taking and summaries: Get instant session summaries and notes following remote support sessions.
  • Knowledge base integration: Access knowledge base resources and receive smart tips and recommendations.


Self-healing alerts

Introducing an ever-vigilant support feature designed to proactively identify and resolve potential issues in real-time. With self-healing alerts, IT admins get more than a heads-up about issues. Predefined actions, like running scripts, kick in autonomously to resolve detected issues without human intervention.  


Policies for endpoint protection

With GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection, configuring your devices has never been simpler. Set up policies to define how Endpoint Protection operates and choose to which devices or device groups these policies apply like setting scan profiles or scheduling scan recurrences so you can be sure protection is consistent and effective across your fleet.


Device health metrics

By pulling RMM data into the devices table, Device Health Metrics offers a quick glance into your endpoints. This added column empowers agents to effortlessly monitor critical information about device status and performance, ensuring proactive maintenance and troubleshooting while keeping everything running smoothly. See a device health score based on RMM categories like alerts, Windows updates, application updates, endpoint protection, and more. 


Custom script alerts 

IT administrators now have the power to create tailored monitoring scripts. When triggered, these scripts alert admins to different situations from performance anomalies to potential security threats making your IT monitoring as specific and effective as your needs. 


Experience the latest features and enhancements today

These net new features are just some of the reasons making GoTo Resolve the most comprehensive and only IT support solution you need. Discover these advancements and stay ahead of the curve by joining our March Release & Roadmap Webinar

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