A Sneak Peek: GoTo's New Virtual Events Solution


As a global pandemic has triggered dramatic changes in the ways we work, organizations of all sizes have struggled to deliver simple, streamlined, and cost-effective virtual replacements for their formerly in-person events. In 2020, companies turned to webinar solutions to relay important information to employees, make rapid change to the way they engage with their customers, and ultimately drive growth for their business.

As we look towards a future where it may be safe to return to convention centers and hotel ballrooms for events, many of us may question if we need or even want to. If we’ve learned anything over the past year it’s that people want flexibility. Flexibility to work where they want, and flexibility to attend events on their own terms. Which is why we are so excited today to give you a sneak peek of GoTo’s new virtual events solution.

By giving attendees the option to attend a virtual event you are opening up your event to a much wider audience without the limitations of travel restrictions, budget, geographic location and more. Not to mention it’s even a more sustainable option!

In 2021, a shift to a more immersive virtual event experience is now taking place. Organizations are looking to host multi-track, multi-day, choose your own adventure type events that allow for attendees to not only engage directly with the experts presenting, but also connect virtually with their peers in real time.

But for many, just hearing the term virtual event triggers two immediate concerns—high cost and complexity. While often-times this gut reaction is the right one, GoTo is here to say, it doesn’t have to be. Our mission is to squash this stereotype and bring customers a virtual events solution that removes the need for hiring an event manager or outside professional services to get your first virtual event off the ground. GoTo’s solution will empower you to build unique user conferences, partner summits, sales kick-off’s and so much more in just a matter of minutes.




What makes GoTo’s virtual events solution standout:

Familiar and reliable – built on top of our industry leading GoToWebinar solution, customers can have a virtual event up and running in as little as five minutes, and can trust that when it comes time for the event to take place it will go off without a hitch.  

Single page attendee experience – from registration to recap, attendees will be delighted by an intuitive yet immersive event experience that fosters information sharing from panelists and networking between colleagues.

Affordable transparent pricing – with no hidden fees and an all-inclusive feature set, GoTo brings virtual events to customers even on the tightest of budgets without having to worry about going back to financial stakeholders to request continual monetary upgrades.

Integrated administration – with the rise of remote work, new tools are being added to an organization’s arsenal every day, GoTo’s virtual events solution can be managed directly in the current GoTo Admin Center.


An inside look at features & functionality coming to GoTo’s virtual event solution in 2021:

Event Management

  • Host events over multiple days with simultaneous sessions
  • Create an event with a mix of live, simulated live & on-demand sessions available
  • Critical integrations that make registration & lead capture easy, including Marketo, Zoho, Hubspot, Automate.io & more
  • Native full-service registration flow with:
    • Customer registration pages
    • Automated emails
    • Accept payments capabilities
    • Lead source tracking
  • Standard events dashboard that showcases impactful ROI metrics
  • Cloud storage enabled for saving previously recorded sessions or hosting on-demand events

Event Experience

  • Assign specific roles like moderator, organizer, panelist and more to ensure events run smoothly
  • Attendee agenda page serves as a single location from start to finish—attendees can bounce from session to session
  • Encourage attendee engagement through interactive messaging—one easily sortable location for all chat pre, during and post event
  • Drive interaction between panelists and attendees by jumping into a more intimate roundtable breakout session after a large presentation
  • Extend the reach of an event for free by live streaming through Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more
  • Make the experience look like your own with custom branding opportunities