We may be the second search engine that starts with G-O.

But we're the first that starts with Y-O-U.

Internet search touches every aspect of our lives, but we at GoTo feel it's time somebody approached the search field with a more human touch. Algorithm-based results only go so far.

GoTo delivers human-powered search results that reflect multiple perspectives and expertise on any topic. We layer these results on top of conventional search results to provide a better search experience.

Not only do you discover human-powered results. You create them.

GoTo empowers you to contribute your knowledge and creativity to the search process. You do this by curating Collections of search content on any topics of interest to you. When a user searches for info related to your subject, your collection appears in the results.

GoTo makes search more interactive and engaging. It opens a new world of opportunity and discovery for everyone.

The more people who use GoTo, the better the results will be. Join us, make a Collection. Share your knowledge and expertise and together we will all make search better. After all, GoTo starts with you.