5 Reasons To Choose GoToConnect


The software space is packed with solutions that promise better work. But what about a solution that can also provide a better work life, with easy-to-use IT. The tech that helps you connect shouldn’t be complicated and shouldn’t require long calls with IT support – it just needs to work. GoToConnect is the all-in-one platform for calls, meetings, and messages. Here are 5 reasons why businesses choose GoToConnect for unified communications and collaboration.

1. All-in-one platform

The future of flexible work requires more than links to video meetings. A unified, cloud-based app lets you access calls, contact center, video meetings, chat, and more in one convenient place. Many organizations rely on a patchwork of vendors to meet all their needs, which can lead to implementation frustration and a burden on IT teams. With GoToConnect, the market’s first all-inclusive platform, businesses can also bundle with LastPass security and remote support products.

2. Streamlined and reliable technology

With 99.99% uptime, you can count on a reliable solution. Cloud-based tools don’t have the on-premises limitations of traditional phone systems. Users can seamlessly switch between chat and a call, or host a quick video meeting with one click. You can also switch between devices, from desktop to mobile, with no interruption. This helps teams collaborate in real time, even when not physically together. Work can happen anywhere. And outside participants can join simply on the web without any downloads.

3. Works well with others

GoToConnect integrates with the apps your team already uses — like Slack, Outlook, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams. By playing well with others, we help customers create the ultimate collaboration workflow. Microsoft Teams and GoToConnect are better together. These integrations provide lower costs, better customer support, improved reliability, and better admin tools for our customers.

4. IT-Friendly

GoToConnect can be deployed in one day, with little technical expertise. Admin tools make IT life simpler with easy call routing, a drag and drop dial plan editor, and easy-to-assign roles. With one admin portal, valuable time is saved.

5. Affordable and accessible price

Built especially for small to mid-sized businesses, GoToConnect is available at a fraction of the cost of enterprise-size solutions, with the same capabilities.

GoToConnect is ready to make your work life better. Learn More.