Success Story: NerdApp


Pioneering on-demand IT support platform NerdApp wanted to better control the quality, security, and simplicity of remote support services offered by its global network of IT engineers (“Nerds”). The company wanted a single vendor for its remote support ecosystem, which would standardise service levels and help it to monitor performance, review calls, and settle disputes. 

After a thorough search, the company chose Rescue from GoTo for its ease of integration and white-labelling capability, which allows the company to deliver remote support worldwide on a NerdApp-branded tool. NerdApp also chose Live Lens from GoTo, so that customers could use their camera to share live video and improve resolution rates. 

Every job on the NerdApp platform now uses Rescue to provide remote support. It is fully integrated into the job flow, providing a seamless process for customer and Nerd alike. 

NerdApp is a revolutionary on-demand IT support marketplace, offering remote and on-site support from a global network of verified IT professionals (“Nerds”). It gives businesses with distributed workforces instant access to a pool of highly skilled IT support engineers worldwide. 

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“Rescue was so easy to integrate within NerdApp, and the GoTo team gave excellent support throughout the whole process. As we continue to build the company, Rescue has provided an essential piece in the puzzle, tying everything together into a neatly wrapped package that enables our Nerds to deliver consistently high service standards worldwide.”


-Darren Strydom

CTO, NerdApp

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