What's New with GoTo Resolve

September 2022 Release

Ticket Attachments​

As they say, an image is worth a thousand words. And in support, fewer words are usually faster! That’s why with this enhancement, agents can now attach files to a ticket during ticket creation or via commenting at any time.

All attachments can be downloaded and images can be previewed in the console. As a reminder, for email ticket submissions with an attachment, those will show in the ticket as well.

Animation showing a user attaching an image to a ticket.

Remote Session History in Tickets​

Keeping tabs on all tasks associated with a support request is key for optimizing productivity and learning from past problems. To enable better recordkeeping of past actions that were taken, we’re adding the ability to link remote session history to a ticket.

Sessions initiated from within a ticket will have the session information automatically attached to the ticket.​

And for sessions that started outside of a support ticket, you can still link the two together.

Animation showing remote session history accessible from a support ticket.​

Background File Manager v2​

Fast on the heels of the release of the Background File Manager over the summer, we’re making it even easier to use.​

With this round of updates you can now:​

  • Select multiple files to copy or delete at once.​
  • Drag-and-drop files to copy them between the remote device and the local computer or from external sources.​
  • Use new keyboard shortcuts for quick tasks such as copy and delete.
Screenshot of the GoTo Resolve interface showing how you can now drag and drop files between devices.​

Additional Updates & Improvements

  • Users in Member role have restricted access to zero trust features
  • New applet version with bug fixes and stability improvements
Visual of GoTo Resolve user checking out newly released features.

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