AI business impact report:

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How AI could change companies worldwide

For anyone with even a remote interest in technology, the topic of AI and its possibilities is never far from the conversation. But while AI was previously relegated to the realms of science fiction, the last 12 months have readily shown us that it’s already becoming a very real part of our lives; one that actively benefits millions of people worldwide every day.

From catapulting us into the next era of computing to streamlining lengthy and complex admin tasks, unlocking the secrets of AI offers many a tantalizing prospect. And for IT professionals and business leaders in particular, the recent explosion in AI usage means that it’s more important than ever to leverage its capabilities to get ahead of the competition.

At the time of writing, the AI industry is experiencing something of an expansive boom. Dubbed by many as the ‘AI Spring’[1], platforms like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and, of course, ChatGPT, are rapidly advancing the frontier of AI into both the workplace and our personal lives.

As a result, many leaders in the field of IT are already looking for ways to implement AI to streamline computer processes, all with a mind to provide a more satisfying support system and help businesses retain employees and customers.

Naturally, IT management and support is also a huge part of the AI puzzle. Keeping systems up and running 24/7 is vital to building trust with customers while simultaneously enabling users to stay connected in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Here at GoTo, for example, we’re already looking at how we can use AI with our own remote support, remote access, and RMM solutions, such as GoTo Resolve, in order to deliver a more satisfying experience for our customers, as well as reduce the complexity of IT solutions in general.

By providing tools that are simple to use and implement, we enable our clients to save time and money, while also making the lives of their customers and employees that much more rewarding.

And using AI in applications such as these is just the start. With platforms like ChatGPT currently transforming the AI space like never before, the next major advancement in AI is likely already around the corner, which is why the team at GoTo has taken the time to investigate just how AI growth has impacted businesses and people around the world.

Using data provided by Statista, Stanford University, and our own research, we’ll be looking at the recent impact of AI on the global markets, as well as AIs impact on the jobs market, how people feel about using AI in general, and its potential impact in the coming years, all to show you how incorporating AI into your business can lead to future growth.

What is AI, and why does it matter to my business?

Before breaking down how AI is currently benefiting businesses across the globe, it’s worth taking the time to establish what exactly a 21st-century AI is, and how it’s changing the IT game for big and small businesses alike.

In simple terms, a modern AI is a piece of software with the ability to simulate an authentic degree of human intelligence. While not yet aware enough to operate without some level of human input, current AIs are nevertheless able to display sophisticated levels of reasoning, learning, and creativity, on par, or greater than, the average person.

What this means is that AIs, with the right training and inputs, are exceptional at problem-solving. They’re more than capable of analyzing and executing numerous complex tasks simultaneously, with near-instant completion to an exceptional degree of accuracy.

This is thanks in part to the enormous storage capacity of computers, which have no trouble organizing and retaining vast quantities of information that can be retrieved at a moment’s notice. And it’s this combined with the ability to process large amounts of intricate data quickly that makes the potential of AI so appealing to businesses.

Of course, advanced tech such as that used in AI also needs the right support to keep it functioning correctly. While a concern in earlier AI models, reliable IT support now makes any glitches associated with AI much less of a problem, and seamless IT processes have the capacity to bring everything together for greater flexibility between workers and automated systems. And this will only improve further with the addition of AI into these systems.

In short, making use of AI in combination with an advanced and reliable IT support software, such as the solutions we offer at GoTo, will give you a potent tool to use in growing your business and getting the edge over your competitors.

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