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Make proactive IT easier than ever with free remote monitoring software. 

Stay on top of your IT, without sacrificing budget or security. With GoTo Resolve – the only truly free RMM tool in the market – you can detect problems before they escalate and address them without interrupting end users.

Start the free version today to experience:

  • Behind-the-scenes access to critical system information and a fully functional command prompt.
  • Customizable alerts set up with an easy no-code workflow.
  • Peace of mind with zero trust security.
  • Increased automation and remote access functionality for up to five devices.
  • And more!
Man on laptop using GoTo Resolve’s IT free remote monitoring software.

See what you can do with free RMM software

Behind-the-scenes troubleshooting

Troubleshoot endpoints the quick and easy way. GoTo Resolve’s free RMM software lets you identify and manage issues on your own time – without disrupting end users – using:

  • One-click background access to critical system information like CPU performance, memory, processes, events, and more.
  • Access to a fully functional command prompt without starting a remote session.
  • A native file manager which allows you to securely download and transfer files and folders from any device.

Screen view of CPU performance, memory, processes, events, and more on GoTo Resolve’s Free RMM software.

There’s more – upgrade to a paid plan to unlock:

Woman using GoTo Resolve’s Free Remote Monitoring and Management software from a mobile device.

Frequently asked questions

This tier includes RMM functionality like customizable alerts, access to a background file manager and remote terminal, and behind the scenes troubleshooting for an unlimited number of lite devices. With the free tier you also get advanced functionality like remote execution, IT automation, and remote access for 5 Pro devices.

Zero trust is a strict security protocol that takes a “trust nothing, verify everything” approach within software or an IT environment. In GoTo Resolve, all agents have a unique signature key that is prompted before all sensitive tasks, and isn’t stored by us. Learn more about zero trust here 

Agents can support Windows, Mac and Android devices from either a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari), a desktop console (Mac or Windows) or a mobile app (Android and iOS) .

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