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Bring the power of simplified, secure free remote desktop software to your home or business   

Meet all-in-one IT support software, made simple. GoTo Resolve combines features for remote access and support, remote monitoring and management, and more in a secure, easy to use package. Start the free version for up to 5 devices today, and experience:

  • Easy remote access to a wide range of devices from any location.
  • Simple and secure transferring and syncing of files and folders between devices.
  • The ability to perform tasks that require admin rights and respond to User Access Control (UAC) prompts.
  • The power to take critical actions like rebooting and reconnecting.
  • Effortless navigation of host devices and multiple screen views.
  • Built-in chat functionality for download-free messaging.
Laptop screen displaying a remote support session in GoTo Resolve.

See what you can do with free remote desktop software 

Access and manage a wide range of devices and platforms

Get fast, frictionless free remote access to your devices from anywhere. GoTo Resolve’s multi-platform remote support lets you:

  • Remotely access and control Windows, Mac and Android devices as easily if you were sitting right in front of them.
  • Access devices on a computer or on-the-go from a browser, desktop, or iOS and Android app.
Screen displaying GoTo Resolve’s multi-platform remote support options.

GoTo Resolve is more than just remote desktop software

Advanced features and capabilities make more possible for remote and in-house teams

Help desk personnel using GoTo Resolve’s remote monitoring and management capabilities.

    Remote Monitoring & Management

    Reduce the risk of cyber threats, automate routine IT tasks, and gain better visibility and control over your endpoints.
  • Simplify your helpdesk with easy-to-use ticketing, using traditional channels or conversational ticketing.

    Help Desk Ticketing

    Simplify your helpdesk with easy-to-use ticketing, using traditional channels or conversational ticketing in MS Teams.
  • Man on a laptop using GoTo Resolve’s Device Quick View to identify problems without interrupting another user.

    Device Quick View 

    See the current status of an end user’s device to identify problems without interrupting their work.

Frequently asked questions

With GoTo Resolve you can remotely control Windows, Android and Mac devices from any supported browser and remote view Chromebooks and iPhone. You can view a full list of supported operating systems here.

GoTo Resolve’s free tier allows you to remotely access up to five “Pro” devices and an unlimited amount of “Lite” devices, with additional functionality such as file management and alerting. Remote access is only available for Pro devices, and you can swap devices between the Lite and Pro pools up to three times a month. An instance may involve swapping a single device or a set of devices. Learn more about promoting or demoting a device.

In GoTo Resolve’s free tier, Lite devices are devices with a limited management feature set, including file transfer, access to a fully functional command prompt, customizable alerts, scanning for Windows updates, and system diagnostics behind-the scenes. GoTo Resolve’s free remote desktop software allows for an unlimited number of Lite devices.

In contrast, Pro devices are 5 selected devices that can access more powerful management capabilities like remote access, remote execution with low/no code, and IT automation capabilities.

GoTo Resolve Free allows you to access a full file manager for an unlimited amount of remote devices, without needing to remote in. Access the file manager by selecting on any device in the devices tab and clicking “Launch file manager”. For more detailed instructions, follow the steps outlined here.

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