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Conference Calls You’ll Want to Join

Do more than simply talk together with GoToMeeting conference call services.

Why do a conference call?

At its core, conference calling enables multiple people to join and participate on the same phone call. Also commonly referred to as audio conferencing, conference calls are a staple of everyday business, and they take many forms – from a dial-in number on your desk phone to a web-based online meeting. And as companies continue to embrace the cloud, more and more conference calls fall into the latter category.

Online conference calls offer more than just an audio connection and keypad controls. GoToMeeting conference call services provide video and screen sharing features that significantly improve the collaboration experience. They also enable VoIP and telephone callers to join the same conference line, so participants can choose whichever device they want to take part.

The advantages of conference calls for businesses

Conference calls have long been a business favorite for good reason.

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    Communicate quickly and effectively

    Email and chat tools are essential to any workplace, but sometimes you just have to pick up the phone and talk things through. A quick conference call with everyone on the project can bring people up to speed, clear up confusion and, best of all, prevent those days-long, back-and-forth email chains.

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    Say goodbye to travel costs

    It’s not always feasible to meet with remote prospects or clients in person. The costs of booking transportation and lodging quickly add up – and so does the time it can take. Enter audio conferencing. Schedule the call, share the number and have the conversation without setting foot outside your office.

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    Empower mobile workers

    Even when the whole team isn’t in the same office, the meeting can still go on. Employees working from home or on the road can easily join the conference call from their own smartphone. Modern conference call services make the process even simpler with dedicated mobile apps that let you connect with one tap.

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    Step up your collaboration

    Conference calls are no longer just audio only. With a cloud-based conference calling service, you can take advantage of screen sharing and video conferencing too. Showing your screen in real time simplifies remote presentations, demos and walkthroughs, while video conferencing can help you make real face-to-face connections.

Why choose GoToMeeting?

Millions around the world trust GoToMeeting for reliable, professional online meetings. With HD audio and video included free on all plans – and over a decade of industry innovation – GoToMeeting can help you connect with anyone instantly. On any device.
  • Elegantly simple

    GoToMeeting is designed with the end user in mind. Everything from joining a conference call to muting/unmuting attendees to sharing the recording takes only a click. So whether you’re running the call or simply attending, you’ll be ready to go.
  • Incredible audio

    We’ve heavily invested in our audio technology. We built our own Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), enabled our own audio conferencing bridge and scaled into global data centers. All to keep your audio quality clear and steady.
  • Superior support

    Our customer support team has been ranked #1 against our closest competitors. No matter your plan, you receive localized, 24/7 phone and web support – so you can count on us to be there for your business.

VoIP and dial-in together

Whether at your desk or away, you’ve got multiple audio options to choose from in GoToMeeting. All GoToMeeting plans include VoIP audio and regular phone calls, so you can talk through your computer mic or dial in from a mobile device (or a conference room system). Both options provide clear, steady quality, and you can easily switch between them whenever you need.

Toll-free Numbers worldwide

Have international attendees? Give everyone the option to call in to GoToMeeting with Toll-Free Numbers. With numbers for 50+ countries, this enhanced audio option works seamlessly alongside the built-in VoIP and toll-based audio options, making it simple for attendees to choose their most convenient method – without worrying about long-distance charges.

Easy on-screen controls

With GoToMeeting, you don’t need a conference call operator. Take control of your own meeting and eliminate the expense of outside assistance with simple-to-use controls you can actually see on your desktop or mobile app. No more dialing star commands into a phone keypad – you can do it all online, including mute controls, presenter switching and call recording.

All the conference call features you could ask for and more

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    Try our standalone audio conferencing solution for calls with up to 500 people at a time.
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    Recurring conference calls

    Schedule standing meetings with the same dial-in details for regular check-ins or calls.
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    Call Me option

    Let attendees request a call from the meeting to join instantly – no PINS needed.
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    Dial Out option

    Make automated calls from GoToMeeting inviting attendees to join the meeting audio.
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    Mobile apps

    Easily start, join and schedule conference calls from your iPhone or Android device.
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    Free call recording

    Capture everyone’s audio whether they’ve connected on VoIP or dialed in by phone.
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    Screen Sharing

    Broadcast a view of your PC or Mac desktop or share just a specific application.

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    Video Conferencing

    Collaborate face to face in HD video with online meetings powered by GoToMeeting.

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The professional choice for conference calling

With millions of users globally, GoToMeeting is trusted by professionals and industry experts alike.

Gartner Customer’s Choice 2018


Capterra 4.5/5 Stars

TrustRadius Top Rated 2018

Video Conferencing Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a conference call in GoToMeeting is simple. After signing in, simply click Start your meeting, and the call will begin immediately. You can also do the same from the GoToMeeting mobile or desktop app – whichever’s easiest for you. Looking to organize a conference call for later? Just click Schedule instead and follow the prompts for date, time and invitees.
It varies depending on the GoToMeeting plan you select. Up to 250 attendees can join if you have GoToMeeting Plus, our biggest option. Need more than that? OpenVoice provides standalone audio conferencing with up to 500 callers at a time.
We include free conference calling in our 14-day trials, and we offer affordable paid plans for organizations of any size after your trial ends. Each plan comes with 24/7 support, professional features and the reliability you’d expect for a business service.

The free conference calling services advertised online, meanwhile, depend on the infrastructure of remote phone carriers, which means there’s no guarantee of quality. Instead, the free conference calling providers have struck deals with these carriers to get a share of the long-distance fee for callers who dial into the “free” conference call. It’s a tactic called traffic pumping.

That may not seem like a problem if you have an unlimited voice plan on your phone, but some wireless carriers will block access to free conference numbers or restrict usage as part of your terms of service agreement. This means some callers may not be able to connect or might have to pay a hefty fee on their phone bill, especially if they’re calling from overseas.

Free conference calling services may help out in a pinch, but they’re not something you should consider building your business on. If you want to provide a professional conference call experience for your team and customers, start your free GoToMeeting trial.
With GoToMeeting, you can try free conference calling with our 14-day trial, which includes unlimited VoIP and phone audio. If you dial in by phone, be aware you may incur costs from your own mobile carrier at your regular calling rate. If you’re looking to add toll-free numbers to your online meetings, rates start at $0.08 per minute. Ready to buy GoToMeeting now? Check out our plans & pricing.
We provide toll-free and long-distance numbers for countries around the globe so attendees can easily join your conference call, no matter where they’re based. Check out the full list.
Yes, GoToMeeting lets you start a conference call without screen sharing or video conferencing. You can simply use the phone number and access code provided in your invite email after scheduling the call. If you want, you can delete the extra information so attendees know they only need to dial in.

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