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GoTo Collaboration

Reach, connect, and engage with your internal and external audiences to foster relationships that drive real results.

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Collaborate seamlessly with best-in-class solutions for online meetings, rooms, and webinars.

GoTo Collaboration

The trusted online meeting software for millions to communicate and collaborate on any device, anywhere.
Simple, intuitive and fast conference room hardware meets user-friendly video conferencing  software.
Webinars that make it simple to effectively engage and interact with a remote audience whenever, wherever.
For the clearest, simplest, most reliable solution when the conference call matters most.
Save up to 40%

GoTo Collaboration

Packed with over 100 features.


Audio Features

  • Reservationless
  • Outlook Integration
  • Free Call Recording
  • Global Access

Webinar Features

  • Event Management
  • CRM Integrations
  • Attendee Reporting
  • Shareable Video Library

Conference Rooms

  • Turn-key hardware & software
  • Minimal set-up time
  • Affordable packages
  • Calendar integration

Video Conference Features

  • Webinars and events for up to 3,000 attendees
  • Up to 25 HD video feeds
  • Meeting transcription
  • Personal meeting rooms

Present with Confidence and Peace of Mind

If growth is your goal, you need to look the part. Whether you're at your desk, in a huddle room or prepping for a webinar, GoTo is there to ensure you're putting your best face forward. Extensive voice, video, and conference room features enable flawless communication, so everyone can be seen and heard.

Drive Productivity with Fewer IT Tickets

When collaboration software is confusing or difficult to use, workplace productivity suffers. You can choose endless support tickets, or you can choose GoTo. We're here to eliminate barriers so you can get back to the task at hand: growth.

Own Your Meeting Environment

Give your employees the flexibility to meet where they want by turning any meeting room into a collaboration theatre. GoTo offers best-in-breed hardware partnerships that will elevate your meeting experiences and close the gaps between in-room and remote participants.

Built for businesses of all sizes

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