Advantages of all-in-one IT support & management solution


A bad IT day is no bad hair day

Whether you’re talking about multivitamins, home appliances, haircare products, or yes, IT tools, all-in-one solutions can save you valuable time and resources and make your life easier. But only if it does each of its promised capabilities really — really — well. Otherwise, you’re left with, at best, a bad hair day, and at worst, an all-in-one massive IT headache. Yet another headache is not what IT teams need right now. They already have enough on their plates.

Remote IT is harder

Employees and devices are everywhere, requiring IT to shift from on-premises to a much more flexible and fluid approach. Managing and supporting hybrid and flexible work is harder and more complicated than when businesses were office-bound.

According to a recent IDG survey, IT leaders are facing several challenges when it comes to supporting remote versus in-office employees

  • 50% say the average support request for remote versus in-office employees takes longer to resolve.
  • 43% say on-the-fly support/reactive support is more challenging remotely.
  • 43% report complexity when troubleshooting off-network devices.

More tools are not the answer

If having more and more IT support solutions at IT’s disposal were the solution, then the 87% of IT leaders who say their teams are using multiple tools for remote support wouldn’t be reporting challenges around productivity, security, and complexity.

  • 50% say the need to switch between multiple technologies is impacting help desk productivity.
  • 49% say the volume of technologies in use presents an increased security risk.
  • 45% say it’s time consuming/costly to manage multiple tools.
  • 42% say they are paying for underutilized or unused technology.

These are a few reasons why many IT leaders are considering consolidating their technologies to support flexible work and looking to capitalize on the advantages of an all-in-one IT solution.

How GoTo Resolve solves it

GoTo Resolve is the all-in-one IT management and support solution purpose built for supporting flexible work. It empowers IT teams to simplify and streamline their operations with the ability to tackle support issues from start to finish in one solution.

There are many benefits of all-in-one IT solutions, including simplifying the day-to-day work of IT help desk agents.

Remote management and IT automation

IT has the massive challenge of monitoring devices, managing assets, and planning ahead. Don’t worry, GoTo Resolve has got you covered with remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools.

Unattended access and background management let you address problems on PC, Mac, and Android when the time is best for the employee and agent. With device quick view, system diagnostics show you the current status of an end user’s device to identify problems without interrupting their work.

What’s more, repetitive tasks are a thing of the past with IT automation. Remote execution tools take care of software installation, patches, and updates, new employee provisioning and registry settings, remote command execution and file batch distribution, PowerShell scripts and DevOps pro implementation, and more.

But don’t remote access and IT automations come with security risk? GoTo Resolve uses proprietary, first-of-its-kind zero trust access controls to secure remote execution. This additional security measure gives you peace of mind that only authorized users are creating and running automations.

Desktop, mobile, and camera-streaming remote support

Even with all that proactive monitoring and management, issues are bound to pop up. IT teams can seamlessly solve just about any tech issue on any device with on-demand remote support. It starts with streamlined ticketing integrated into your organization’s messaging system, where employees are already working and collaborating in Microsoft Teams. From there, there’s no need to jump platforms. The agent and end user can submit, manage, comment, and get real-time help desk updates within MS Teams.

As far as fixing issues, GoTo Resolve allows for a “right fit” support experience. Agents can choose the best solution to solve the issue in the fastest time with the option of using remove view for fast, zero-download support for simple show-and-tell issues or launching full remote control when they need to dive deeper into the device to fix the problem.

Live end user camera sharing expands the range of what your team can support to include physical equipment and hardware in employees’ remote work environments, like home Wi-Fi, printers, and more. Agents can see what they see and guide them to a resolution without the need to download an app.

A much shorter tech stack

GoTo Resolve streamlines your IT help desk by bringing together the IT management and support solutions you need to manage your IT fleet, identify issues, and solve problems — in one powerful, highly secure solution.

You get a trusted partner who has been working with IT leaders for nearly two decades, along with 24/7 support, an obsession with security, and transparent, straightforward pricing. Plus access to GoTo’s market-leading flexible work portfolio and a unified admin portal to manage all your GoTo solutions. Easy, right?

Ready to enjoy all the advantages of an all-in-one IT solution? Check out GoTo Resolve today.