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Fast and Easy Video Conferencing Equipment

Take the speedbumps out of the conference room with the GoToRoom video conferencing solution.

Why GoToRoom video conferencing equipment?

Our video conferencing systems come pre-configured so you can quickly set up your conference room – and so your team can easily collaborate with people the world over. We’ve bundled in some of the best video conference room technology, including teleconferencing systems, conference mics and touch panels, to make your buying decision simple.

GoToRoom can make a virtual meeting in a conference room as powerful as any in-person session. It closes the distance between local employees and remote workers, enabling face-to-face collaboration for global teams.

Recently, many businesses have been investing in video conferencing hardware for their offices as they transition to open floorplans where huddle spaces and meeting rooms play a bigger role than ever before. But what does the best video conferencing experience look like? GoToRoom has you covered.

The right video conferencing equipment for every meeting

Get a meeting underway on day one, no extra investments needed. High-quality audio and video, smooth screen sharing and a user-friendly interface make for seamless collaboration. GoToRoom offers two bundle sizes that scale to fit your video meeting room needs.

Huddle Space:

  • Perfect for 8’x5’ tables
  • Intel NUC
  • Mimo Vue 10’’ Touch Panel Display
  • Poly All-in-One Studio (camera, speaker & microphone)

Conference Room:

  • Perfect for 13’x5’ tables
  • Intel NUC
  • Mimo Vue 10’’ Touch Panel Display
  • Poly Trio IP Conference Phone
  • Poly EagleEye IV Video Camera

The advantages of video conferencing equipment for businesses

The right video conferencing hardware can make all the difference in your meeting rooms.


Straightforward setup

It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of hardware options. Rather than try to mix and match different devices for the best video conferencing equipment setup, you should take advantage of curated bundles that work right out the box, saving you time and effort in both the buying and deployment stages.


Crisp, clear audio

Good audio is essential in the conference room. With multiple people sitting at different lengths, sometimes talking over each other, you need conference phones that are consistently clear. The best video conferencing hardware includes mics with noise-blocking technology and 360-degree coverage to ensure every meeting sounds perfect.


True-to-life video calls

As the average screen resolution rises, so too does the quality of the humble video conferencing webcam. Nowadays, you don’t need an expensive teleconferencing system for life-like video collaboration in the conference room. Newer kits offer high-definition video quality at 1080p with true colors without the enterprise price tag.


Intuitive user controls

One of the biggest hurdles to collaboration is often the video conferencing equipment. Users shouldn’t be expected to read through instructions or memorize numbers if there are simpler ways to work together. When evaluating video conferencing kits, look for those powered by collaboration software that makes meetings effortless to start.

What GoToRoom brings to the table

GoToRoom offers out-of-the-box video conferencing equipment for both small and medium-sized rooms. Backed by the stability and reliability of GoToMeeting, GoToRoom hits the gas on collaboration to ensure your meetings start fast and finish strong.


Gone are the days of cobbling together make-shift meeting spaces. GoToRoom has all the video conferencing hardware you need in one simple kit. Just connect the video camera and conference devices, turn them on and you're set.


Modernize your office with the latest video collaboration technology. GoToRoom bundles state-of-the-art hardware with professional video conferencing software that users love.


GoToRoom is offered in two cost-effective bundles, one for huddle spaces and another for larger conference rooms. Both options can save you thousands over the cost of your average conference room solutions.

All-in-one hardware and software

GoToRoom is the turnkey solution for the modern video conferencing room. There’s no need for IT to buy hardware through third parties or research how to outfit their meeting spaces. And since its software works out of the box with intuitive controls, there are fewer headaches for IT and office managers during setup – and less hassle for end users during meetings.

Seamless calendar integrations

You can easily integrate your Google, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange calendar service with GoToRoom for scheduled meetings. Let your employees set a room as the meeting location when scheduling from their calendar, and it will appear on the touch panel in the room, ready to launch. No need for users to sign in or jump through extra hoops. Just tap and meet.

Wireless screen sharing

Employees in the conference room can easily share their screen wirelessly to the local display by joining the online meeting from their own device. Holding an in-person meeting? The process is even faster. GoToRoom allows your team to wirelessly screen share through a unique link. Anyone in the room can take turns presenting by simply opening the URL in a web browser and clicking Share.

All the video conferencing system features you could ask for


Multi-stream video

View up to 25 webcams at a time on your room display during online meetings.

Instant meetings

Start meetings right from the room without having to set things up ahead of time.

Attendee management

Mute noisy co-workers, pass presenter controls and dismiss attendees with ease.

In-session chat

Send messages to the whole meeting or to individual attendees.

Meeting lock

Prevent unexpected (or early) attendees from joining your current session.

Cloud recording

Capture the meeting for record keeping or review (GoToMeeting subscription required).

Watch how to set up a video conference room

See how GoToRoom makes it simple to roll out video conferencing equipment to your meeting rooms.


Conference Room Systems Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is needed for a video conference?
At the minimum, you’ll need a few things in your conference room: a display, Ethernet connection, audio input (i.e., a microphone), webcam and web-conferencing software. All of which comes in a GoToRoom kit.
How much is the GoToRoom bundle?
The GoToRoom bundle includes both hardware costs and a subscription fee. Please contact a GoToRoom sales specialist to learn more.
Can I use other devices (like my own Bluetooth headset) with GoToRoom?
Not at this time. GoToRoom is designed as an all-in-one hardware and software kit, so each piece works together. However, if you have your own hardware already, you can take advantage of InRoom Link for GoToMeeting Plus, which connects H.323 and SIP-supported devices with our online meeting service so participants in the video conference room can easily join a session with co-workers or customers anywhere.
Does GoToRoom offer a manufacturer’s warranty?
Absolutely. There’s a one-year warranty on all hardware included in our GoToRoom kits. If you’re experiencing technical trouble with your devices, please contact our 24/7 customer support team for assistance.
What if I already have video conferencing equipment in my conference rooms?
If you have your own video conferencing hardware already, you can take advantage of InRoom Link for GoToMeeting Plus. Compatible with H.323 and SIP-supported devices from popular makers like Poly, Lifesize and Cisco, InRoom Link integrates with our online meeting service so participants in the conference room can join the same professional meeting experience with remote co-workers or customers.

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