Meet GoTo Resolve, the next evolution of GoToAssist

Get the same world-class remote support functionality and more. Much more.

Everything you love about GoToAssist, plus so much more.

Meet GoTo Resolve: your NEW all-in-one IT tool. Experience the same powerful remote support features as GoToAssist, with added device management, background access, ticketing, and automation – all wrapped in zero trust architecture.

Still want GoToAssist? Don’t worry, it’s still alive and well.

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Provide remote support on any device, from anywhere

Deliver fast, frictionless remote technical support for virtually all Android, Chrome OS, or iOS devices.

  • Join sessions directly via SMS, PIN, link, or email
  • Chat with agents via web browser or app
  • Hand off or record mobile support sessions
Save time and resources with remote IT automation

Modernize your helpdesk with conversational ticketing

Conversational ticketing plugs IT support right into the messaging tools your teams are already using.

  • Submit, manage, comment, and get real-time helpdesk updates using business messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • Use web-based ticketing, conversational ticketing, or a combination of it to fit your needs
Provide remote suppport on any device, from anywhere

Dank IT-Automatisierung per Fernzugriff Zeit und Ressourcen sparen

Der unbeaufsichtigte Zugriff und die gleichzeitige Abwicklung mehrerer Sitzungen ermöglichen es Technikern und Mitarbeitern, jeden Tag mehr zu leisten.

  • Ausführen von Skripten und Aufgaben
  • Vorgefertigte Skripte nutzen
  • Einzigartige Zugriffssteuerungen nach Zero-Trust-Prinzip mit Ausführung per Fernzugriff
Enjoy peace of mind with zero-trust security

Durch die Architektur mit Zero-Trust-Sicherheit sind Sie auf der sicheren Seite

Professionelle Sicherheit trifft auf Benutzerfreundlichkeit für Kunden, damit Ihre Systeme sicher laufen.

  • Verschlüsselung nach strengsten Sicherheitsprotokollen
  • Optimierte Zugangsverwaltung und Bereitstellung
  • Multifaktor-Authentifizierung, SSO und mehr
Modernize your help desk with conversational ticketing
  • GoTo-Assist-Comp-Table-Image-png

    GoToAssist has all of the great features users expect:

    • Web Agent App Console
    • Desktop Agent App Console
    • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Linux support
    • Remote View and Remote Control
    • Attended and Unattended Support Sessions
    • Camera Share Support Session*
    • Multi-Session Handling
    • Session Transfer
    • File Transfer
    • Remote System Diagnostics
    • In-session Chat
    • Reboot and Reconnect
    • Ctrl-Alt-Delete
    • Clipboard Synchronization
    • Zoom/Resize Customer Screen
    • Session Recording
    • Session History and Notes
    • Mass Deploy of Hosts (Windows and Mac)
    • Device Labels & Grouping
    • Active Directory Connector (ADC)
    • Securely Store and Update Unattended Credentials
    • Reporting
    • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • TSL/AES Encryption
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • GDPR Compliant

    *More advanced features with zero download required

  • GoTo-Resolve-Comp-Table-Image-png

    GoTo Resolve has everything GoToAssist has, plus more!

    • Mobile Agent App Console
    • File Manager
    • Multi-Agent Collaboration
    • Remote Terminal Access (Coming Soon)
    • Background File Manager (Coming Soon)
    • Remote Execution
    • Device Quick View
    • Unified GoTo Admin Center
    • Zero Trust Access Controls
    • Incident Management
    • Conversational Ticketing via Slack/Microsoft Teams Integrations
    • Email Ticket Submission
    • Integrated Remote Support
    • Unlimited Helpdesk Services (i.e. IT-help, HR-help, Finance-help)

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, GoToAssist is not changing or going away. Customers will continue to be supported and can grow their accounts. However, GoTo Resolve is the next evolution of GoToAssist. With GoTo Resolve, we’re broadening our IT support capabilites to meet customer demand. GoTo Resolve includes the same world-class remote support customers get with GoToAssist but layers in integrated remote management functionality, like background access, zero trust security, and a lightweight conversational ticketing platform. Over 2022, GoTo Resolve will grow to include more RMM functionality and integrations.
Yes, GoToAssist customers can try, buy, and use GoTo Resolve. However, they will need to configure their GoTo Resolve account from scratch and redeploy unattended hosts. We are evaluating more seamless migration options for late 2022 or 2023.
You will need to configure your GoTo Resolve account from scratch and redeploy unattended hosts. We are evaluating more seamless migration options for late 2022 or 2023.
We have no plans to change our product lineup over the next year. Customers will continue to receive the same support and product functionality they’ve been using.

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