4 Ways Hosted VoIP Impacts Your Marketing Strategy


Hosted VoIP can do a lot more than streamline business communications. When used strategically, it can also create a great impact on your company’s marketing strategy.

Given the shifting consumer behavior and constantly changing marketing platforms, it’s hard for businesses to keep up. However, with tools like Hosted VoIP available, you can actually ensure you’re dedicating key resources to effective marketing strategy that create value for your business.

#1. Help boost conversions

Keeping in mind that cold calling yields a 6% higher response rate compared to email, it’s important that you incorporate tools into your business that will connect your brand directly with customers. Hosted VoIP is one such tool. It allows businesses to easily build rapport with customers by giving them reliable communication tools and features that makes customer outreach easier and more efficient. This helps keep your audience actively engaged in the brand.

#2. Build customer access

Modern customers demand products and services to be delivered at the speed of need. In fact, it is now part and parcel of most marketing strategies today. Quite simply, customers like convenience. A brand’s credibility is tied to how accessible they are to customers—how quickly they are able to answer calls or reply to queries, and address their needs. Hosted VoIP helps to improve the overall user experience by providing a direct way for customers to reach you through robust voice features.

Another key feature of Hosted VoIP is its ability to provide brands with a toll-free number that customers can call for free or utilize at a low cost. This allows customers worldwide to get in touch with you without racking up expensive long-distance charges.

#3. Convey a sense of professionalism

Features such as Hosted VoIP’s auto-attendants help establish your brand as a professional and credible organization. The feature works by properly routing your calls, which gives customers a very professional and efficient customer experience.

#4.  Gather data

Hosted VoIP allows you to track critical data that supplements your marketing strategy. You can measure the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts. How? Easily track how much inquiry traffic is being driven by your campaign. You can create different phone numbers for specific marketing campaigns. This ultimately helps you assess what strategies or campaigns were the most effective, and therefore worth replicating moving forward.

Closely reviewing Hosted VoIP features can actually help you monitor the success of your efforts and be an integral part of your business’ growth strategy.

More importantly, it can accomplish all of this and help you achieve so much more without blowing your budget. Hosted VoIP systems are offered at simple, per-seat price points, making it easily scalable to fit your business’ current needs. If you want to learn more about how Hosted VoIP can support your company’s marketing efforts, feel free to contact us at Jive today.

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