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Customize the incoming call experience for customers

Enhance your customer experience and marketing efforts with custom greetings and custom messages.

What are custom messages?

Custom messages and call greetings are messages you create to use in the dial plan for your company's phone number. Your incoming call greetings or messages can include business voicemail greetings, auto-attendants, and even call queue greetings. Custom messages can be played to all callers, those reaching a specific department, or even to specific VIP callers based on their number.

Setup your greetings and marketing messages in just a few easy steps and then update and change them in real-time right from your desk phone, the GoToConnect desktop app, or your smartphone (iPhone, iOS/Apple, or Android device).


The advantages of custom messages

Customize all your greetings and messages to meet your specific business needs.
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    Improve Customer Experience

    By personalizing your messages and greetings, sharing additional company information, and providing clear menu options, you can help deliver a better experience for customers when they call you. They can learn other things about your company while receiving assistance that gets them to the right person much more quickly.

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    Flexibility and Customization

    There is no limit to the type or number of phone messages and voicemail greetings. You can create a custom greeting or custom message for your main menu and any extension in your company, including those used by remote team members and for voicemail boxes. Keep greetings relevant and up to date by quickly changing messaging to react to current events or emergencies.

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    Enhance Marketing Efforts

    Extend your small business marketing messaging to a new channel where you can capture the attention of callers and share information on an upcoming promotion, event, or program. The messaging you share here may receive more attention since callers are a captive audience.

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    Multiple Recording Options

    Choose from recording your own voice, that of a team member, or the talent of a voice-over professional. You can upload professional voicemail greetings to your portal or record directly to the phone extension's messaging system.

  • Exceptional Return

    The GoToConnect cloud-based platform provides continually updated technology, expanded functionality, and the ability to meet multiple customer, marketing, and productivity goals.
  • Availability and Reliability

    GoToConnect has a well-established reputation for the highest uptime, access, and scalability of all unified communications and collaboration providers – ensuring business continuity.
  • Time and Cost Savings

    Using one trusted service provider like GoToConnect helps minimize the cost and time associated with using multiple tools and technology from different providers.

Convey Marketing Messaging

Custom messages, including specific marketing messages, can be scheduled for your phone system so that callers can hear about specific marketing events, programs, or promotions you have planned. Your custom greeting can provide details, an option to select a sub-menu item, the ability to take action while on the phone, or transfer to anyone in charge of that marketing opportunity.

Visual Dial Plan Editor

Our Visual Dial Plan Editor lets you map out your call flows visually by using a drag-and-drop canvas. Map where incoming calls should go, with tools that include wait times, auto-attendants, voicemail boxes, sound clips, HTTP notify nodes, ring groups, modify caller ID nodes, and more. You can also make real-time changes to your dial plans across all your phone lines, including adjusting work hours, after hours, or holiday hours.

Automated Answering and Call Routing

Help get your caller connected to the right endpoint. All call paths are visual, making it easy to map out how you want calls handled and organized. Once set, an automated answering feature can route calls to the right place, provide a list of options for the caller to choose from, and handle any calls that come from blacklisted numbers.

Other features

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    Call Routing

    Get your call connected to the correct endpoint.

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    Virtual Voicemail

    Listen to voicemail messages from anywhere – internet, mobile device or outside line.

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    Call Transfer

    Transfer a call to the appropriate person without losing the caller.

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    Incoming Call Handling

    Efficiently handle incoming calls as part of your call center's phone-based support.
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    VoIP Calling

    All employees can answer a call, place it on hold and have someone else pick it up.

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    Hot Desking

    Enable multiple employees to share the same workspace and phone.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, messages may be played at any point during phone calls or within the dial plan. The short messages can be accompanied by a beep or other prompt.

Any .WAV files can be uploaded as a custom greeting that includes business hours or contact information.

Yes, currently only .WAV files are supported. These sound files can be recorded right from your phone or other audio devices used to make professional voicemail greetings.

Only administrators can change voicemail box greetings by default. However, any user (or group of users) can be given administrator rights.

You will see the messaging waiting indicator as a notification icon in your portal as well as a light on your phone.

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