"Capital Temple"

Leia Morgan
Angkor Wat means "Capital Temple" in English. It can be found in the province of Siem Reap, in Cambodia.

A temple for Vishnu

Leia Morgan
The temple was originally dedicated to the Hindu deity, Vishnu (although the temple later became Buddhist). Vishnu is one of the principal gods in Hinduism.


Leia Morgan
Unsurprisingly for a place of worship, there were a number of libraries built at the complex.

Suryavarman II

Leia Morgan
Suryavarman II was a Khmer king who reigned from 1113 AD to 1145-50 AD. He was a forward-thinking ruler who ordered the construction of Angkor Wat.

Flag of Cambodia

Leia Morgan
Angkor Wat is so important to the Kingdom of Cambodia that it features on the country's flag. The blue represents liberty and the red represents bravery.
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