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This list of good hardcore punk bands and artists let’s you see who hardcore fans think are the best in hardcore punk. Hardcore punk first emerged in the 1970s after the initial wave of punk rock. Unlike it's predecessor, hardcore was a rawer, harder, edgier sound. Hardcore punk is often described as an extreme subgenre of punk that eschewed existing punk rock and New Wave music, and was a response to these genres.

Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown 7''

Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown 7'' 1. Nervous Breakdown 2. Fix Me 3. I've Had It 4. Wasted.

Cassie Muniz
Black Flag is considered to be one of the first hardcore bands.

Top Ten Hardcore Punk Bands | San Fran Beat

With all the genres of music that have touched American culture, it’s sometimes overwhelming and hard to keep track of. Some seem to be rather horrible and make me wonder why they were invented; some are just weird, stimulating the curiosity part of your brain and leaving you stumped as to whether you like it or not; and others are completely, ground-breakingly epic and become a part of who you are.

Bad Brains - Sailin' On

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Cassie Muniz
Bad Brains are considered one of the first hardcore punk bands and pioneers of the genre.

10 Best Hardcore Bands - Made Man

Punk music fans will definitely want to check out this list of the 10 best hardcore bands. Whether you were an east coast, west coast or Washington D.C. punk, chances are that you were stomping and slamming to these cult classics. Even if you're new to the genre and want to check out some great classic punk sounds, you don't want to mess out on these punk rock staples. These are the best hardcore bands of all time.

Minor Threat - Straight Edge

"Straight Edge" by Minor Threat (1981)

Cassie Muniz
Their song "Straight Edge" was the inspiration for the punk subculture of the same name.
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