70-80 AD...

Leia Morgan
The Colosseum will be celebrating its 2000th birthday before the end of the century!

36 trapdoors...

Leia Morgan
This meant lots of surprises for the crowd, including charging wild animals and even the ability to stage small naval battles!

Named for the Colossus of Nero

Leia Morgan
There was a huge statue nearby of the Roman Emperor Nero, which stood 98 ft high! The statue may have been destroyed by earthquakes or invading armies.

Built by 60,000 slaves...

Leia Morgan
The Romans captured around 100,000 Jewish people after the Siege of Jerusalem (AD 70). Many of these Jewish slaves built the Colosseum.

80 ways to get in...

Leia Morgan
There were more than 80 entrances for Roman citizens to enter the Colosseum and enjoy the brutal combats held inside (for free).
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