Alexander Hamilton should retain top spot on $10 bill!

  • He single-handily founded the nation's financial system
  • He was sworn in as the first Treasury secretary - September 11, 1789
  • He wrote most of the original legal framework for the US Treasury department
  • He founded the first national bank of the United States
  • He had a modern (and realistic) view of how debt and credit should function
  • He was the visionary and lead author of the Federalist Papers in favor of the passing of the US Constitution
  • As Ben Bernanke put it, "Hamilton was without doubt the best and most foresighted economic policymaker in U.S. history."
  • Unlike most other Founding Fathers, he was opposed to slavery
  • Unlike most other Founding Fathers, he opposed ill-treatment of Native Americans
  • There is no other Founding Father more deserving of being on a bill - in my opinion
  • Though he wasn't perfect, he should stay right where he is.l

If a change needs to be made to US currency, consider the following:

  • The obvious change would be to remove the pro-slaver, anti Native American Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill
  • Or, remove the slave-holding Jefferson from the $2 bill or the Nickel
  • Or, remove Ben Franklin from the $100 bill since he profited from the slave trade early in his career.
  • John Adams, another anti-slavery founding father (the only other) was a leading force for American Independence from Britain and he doesn't have a bill.
  • A suggestion: Remove Jackson from the $20 and replace with Harriet Tubman; Remove Ben Franklin from the $100 and replace with John Adams
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