My Experience at Thomas Kellar's French Laundry

I was fortunate to go to the restaurant twice.  Both times have been amazing.  The service stands out as the attention of the staff is unmatched.  Your water is full and your plate is removed, often without you even noticing.  The wine list is almost as thick as the phone book and the multiple courses have you waiting in anticipation.  I recommend checking the website for the current menu.

My personal tips, now that I have been there

  • Make sure to ask about the dress code (I was told in advance, thankfully).
  • If you really need reservations, it is best to stay at one of the top Napa Valley resorts and have their concierge make reservations for you.
  • Please arrive hungry as there is a lot of food and even the heartiest of eaters (me) will walk away very full.
  • Choose an early reservation time, as the late reservations eat under a much more compressed schedule, and this is a meal that you do not want to rush through.
  • Allow the staff to pick the wine, and given a general budget, they will impress you.

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