Cats Hostel

Cat´s Hostel Madrid is the best party hostel in Madrid city centre. Come to us if you are looking for a cheap, comfortable, clean and safe accommodation in Madrid.

Lavender Circus

WELCOME! Lavender Circus Hostel is a very homely and quiet hostel set in a historical apartment building in the center of Budapest. We only specialized in double ...

Lavender Circus Hostel, Doubles & Ensuites

Shereen Rayle
A former 19th century mansion, you'll be treated to beautiful architecture, yummy Hungarian dinners, artwork by local artists and a home base that's close enough to attractions that you can walk to them.

st christopher's newquay

Shereen Rayle
This hostel sits on cliff-top overlooking the water and is nearby the ruins of Tintagel Castle, rumored home of King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table and Merlin.
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