New, Full and Waning

Many plan their magick and manifestation work around the new, full or waning moons. Each of these three phases empowers manifestation and magickal workings differently. Many of pagan traditions also correlate these phases with the life cycle or a woman: maiden, mother and crone.

Working with the moon phases can add specificity to your spell and manifestation work. New moons usher in new things, like a new car, a new job, even a new phase of life. Full moons bring something to fullness. Completing a project is one example. Waning moons empower intentions such as banishing something harmful from your life.

When setting your intention, consider what phase of the moon reflects your highest intention.

The Moon, The Zodiac and The Lunar Months

You can also customize your spell work by the month and the zodiac sign you find the moon in. For example workings done with a full moon in Cancer (which rules motherhood), may be ideal for fertility concerns.

Mansions of the Moon Astrology and Magic

History of the lunar mansions and how to use them for astrological magic with Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology. More information at ...

If you are savvy about astrology and spell work, consider using the mansions of the moon to empower your manifestation.
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