Visit a Park

Most parks are either free or do not cost very much and they have walking trails, a playground for kids, picnic areas and more to choose from. This website has information about one of my favorite parks to visit.

I like parks because they also allow you to be outside and give you plenty of room to walk or for kids to play.

Get Crafty

Crafts can be easy and fun and can have you and your kids entertained for hours. They also don't have to cost much money. Visit this website for hundreds of fun and very affordable crafts to do.

Watch Movies at Home

You can watch movies or even TV shows online by going to this website and subscribing to Netflix. They have thousands of movies to choose from and an online subscription only costs about ten dollars per month.

I love Netflix because I can watch movies and TV all day if I want and can stay in my pajamas while I do it.

Consider Helping Others

Helping Others or Volunteering is an activity that the whole family can do. It is free and could be really enjoyable. This website matches you with volunteer work that meets your interests.

This is a good way to get to know people and feel good about helping out as well.

Have or Go to a Yard Sale

Whether you choose to have your own yard sale and make some money or go to a yard sale that will only cost you a little, it is a great way to spend a weekend. This website can help you find yard sales in your area or help you list yours for free.

I like these sales because I can usually find things I need without spending a large amount of money. Who wouldn't like that?
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