Our NEW RAVEAN heated jacket: Features include: A new heated hood Mobile device charging New controller with: (1) battery gauge (2) head control (3) body control (4) hands/pockets control. Hydrophobic down DWR shell coating Reflective inner aluminum coating 4 different positions to place your battery. Double the play time by running 2 batteries at once Self retractable glove connectors Gloves with heat along along every finger New and improved removable hood: (1) velcro front attachment, with covers (2) with cinches around the face and crown of the head. Rip guard outer shell. Removable faux fur hood. Breathable and flex panel armpits Improved thumb cuffs. Improved zippers- (1) better quality (2) bigger (3) each have pull cords. Outside chest pocket and interior large mesh stuff pockets Drop tail to cover your buttox Longer torso Waist cinch and so much more! Ravean's Story: Let’s be real here for a moment: We’re not the first people to come up with the idea of heated jackets. We’re just the first ones to do it right. By doing it right we mean our jackets look good, they’re durable, they’re affordable and they integrate our technology seamlessly and unobtrusively. Finally there’s a heated jacket you can wear with equal comfort and stylefrom the mountains to the office without missing a beat. Sure it’s been tried before but other solutions have been pricey, ugly and the technology was problematic. Ravean has addressed and solved each of these issues t...

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