A great "whodunnit" has the ability to entertain even with repeat viewings. You might already know who the criminal is and how the crime was carried out, but it can be fun to watch the movie again to spot the clues you may have missed the first time. These are some of the greatest mystery movies of all time.

Top 10 Mystery Movies

Top 10 greatest mystery movies ever made? Very brief video list of some of the best mystery movies. Is your favorite here?

Rear Window (1954)

Image from Rear Window.

Dan the Info-man
James Stewart, Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock combine to make one of the greatest movies ever. James Stewart keeps a watchful eye over his neighbors...

Memento (2000)

Image from Memento.

Dan the Info-man
If there was ever a film you need to watch at least twice, it is Memento. Before his Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan directed Guy Pearce in this gripping thriller.

Vertigo (1958)

Image from Vertigo.

Dan the Info-man
James Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock unite again to make arguably one of the best films ever (any genre). Not an easy film to watch if you have a fear of heights!
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