Soft Cell - Frustration

From the E.P. Mutant Moments (1980)

Cassie Muniz
This original version of the song is much darker and creepier than the more polished version that made it on their 1981 debut album.

Soft Cell - Secret Life

From the album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (1981)

Cassie Muniz
One of the best tracks on their debut album. It should have been a single.

Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf

From their album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (1981)

Cassie Muniz
The 1982 remix of this song had a controversial music video that was banned and never officially released (though you can find low quality versions online).

Soft Cell - Heat

From the album The Art of Falling Apart (1983)

Cassie Muniz
A haunting synthpop piece.

Soft Cell - Soul Inside

1983 single from the album This Last Night in Sodom (1984)

Cassie Muniz
Another fantastic song of theirs.

Soft Cell - Disease and Desire

B-side of the single for "Down in the Subway" (1984)

Cassie Muniz
Soft Cell were brilliant when it came to exploring the dark, seedier side of life.
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