Hiking, doggies, and relaxation in Hot Spring, Markleeville, California

A fun day of hiking, dogs playing, and relaxing at the Grover Hot Springs in Markleeville, California.

For more motivated hikers is the trail to Burnside Lake, with beautiful views of Hawkins and Markleevile Peaks, crosses the state park, then upwards through a forest, passing a waterfall somewhere along the way to the lake.

Grover Hot Springs State Park. California Sacramento

Grover Hot Springs State Park is a state park in eastern California, USA that was sold to the Parks and Recreation Department in the 60's. Accessed from ...

Dual concrete pools occupy the park. The hot pool is supplied with runoff originating at six mineral springs and one pool is cool. The amenities are basic with no frills only standard changing facilities.

Grover Hot Springs State Park - Sierra Nevada Geotourism ...

Grover Hot Springs State Park is located ... Hot Springs: Grover Hot ... Easy family hikes include a nature trail called Transition Walk that loops around the ...

Before a visit to the springs, visitors can enjoy simple hikes like Transition Walk, a nature trail that circles around the park’s meadow, or a three mile round tripper to a waterfall on Hot Springs Creek.
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