Minimum Effective Dose: The Key to Seeing More Results in Less Time

" That two-hour cardio session was so fun! Let's do it again tomorrow! Yeah!" *high-five + fist pump* Um, yeah. Riiiiight. Have you ever felt that way? OK, maybe if it were a really beautiful two-hour hike involving great weather, some waterfalls, and beautiful scenery.

Victoria Blackburn
I've been working out this way for some time now. It's funny how much resistance you come up against when you say you're only working out for x amount of time (usually only 30 - 45 minutes), or only doing x, y and z. I've seen great results, but finding my MED wasn't easy, and it doesn't stay the same.

Workout Smarter to get a Ripped Body

Get your free audio book here: Hey it's Mike Chang and today we are going to talk about a book by Timothy Ferris. The book we are ...

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