Trade Details


Boston Red Sox acquire

  • Outfielder Jason Bay

Pittsburgh Pirates acquire

  • Right-handed pitcher Craig Hansen
  • Infielder Andy LaRoche
  • Right-hander pitcher Bryan Morris
  • Infielder/Outfielder Brandon Moss

Los Angeles Dodgers acquire

  • Outfielder Manny Ramirez

Tension Between Ramirez and the Red Sox (2008)

One season after playing a critical role on Boston's 2007 World Series champion team, the relationship between Ramirez and the Red Sox was deteriorating. The 36-year-old continued producing at the plate, but wasn't engaged in other facets of the game and failed to communicate with management. In the final guaranteed year of his contract, Ramirez was known to be a trade candidate with the July 31 midseason deadline approaching.

OF Manny Ramirez

Assumptions that Ramirez would continue to decline in his late-30's proved to be wrong. He posted a monstrous .396 batting average for the 2008 Dodgers, including 17 home runs in just 53 games. That hot streak carried them to an unlikely National League West division title. He continued to be a force in the middle of their lineup until August 2010, when he was dealt to the Chicago White Sox.

OF Jason Bay

OF Jason Bay

Boston, meanwhile, wasn't content with just ridding themselves of Ramirez. They needed a legitimate replacement for his power hitting, and found it in Jason Bay. He totaled 200 games played for them through the end of the 2009 season and led the team with 156 runs batted in during that stretch.

Trade's Legacy

The Pirates came away as losers here, developing Morris into a competent reliever, but with little else to show for the large package of prospects they received. Ramirez's 2008 hot streak went a long way toward exciting the Dodgers fanbase, although his involvement with performance-enhancing drugs brought some embarrassment on the franchise. All three teams have reached the postseason multiple times since the trade, with the Red Sox winning another title in 2013.

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