Valerie opening sequence

Opening credits to Valerie from 1986. Valerie starred Valerie Harper, Jason Bateman, and Josh Taylor. It aired on NBC. It was later called Valerie's Family and then The Hogan Family.

Jason Bateman's next big break

Jason Bateman is starring in two high-profile Hollywood movies this summer and, as Mo Rocca reports, appears to be on a winning streak with no signs of letting ...

Jason Bateman One To Grow On 1987

Aside from being thoughtless, these noise polluters have an awful taste in music. Special thanks to Keaster2000 for sorting out Retrontario with this clip!

Teen Wolf Too Trailer 1987 Movie with Jason Bateman

Trailer for the 1987 sequel Teen Wolf Too starring Jason Bateman. For more retro teen movie trailers don't forget to subscribe.

Amber L. Carter
After Michael J. Fox declined to star in the 'Teen Wolf' sequel (he later explained that he wanted move out of teen roles at that point of his career and into more adult-themed films, such as 'Bright Lights Big City'), Jason Bateman took up the mantle of the franchise...but with a crappy script, an already-tired premise, and the notable lack of Fox's star quality, the movie flopped.
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