10. Michael Jordan's Basketball Hall of Fame Speech

Jordan is almost unanimously considered the greatest basketball player to ever live. But during his induction ceremony, he showed uncharacteristic humility. The infamous "Crying Jordan" meme originated from this 2009 speech.

8. Pat Riley's Basketball Hall of Fame Speech

Successful as a player, coach and executive, Riley explained the process through a series of clever anecdotes.

Ely Sussman
Riley was also the keynote speaker at my University of Miami commencement ceremony in 2013! His performance there was equally impressive.

7. Michael Irvin's Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech

To summarize in one line, "You tell everyone or anyone that has ever doubted, thought they did not measure up, or wanted to quit, you tell them, to look up, get up, and don't, ever give up." Michael Irvin delivers an emotional speech to his parents, children, wife, and teammates during his 2007 Hall of Fame induction speech.

1. Deion Sanders' Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech

The immensely talented two-sport athlete was recognized for his football achievements in 2011. He acknowledged countless friends, family members and colleagues, but spent the crux of the speech praising his mother.

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