Shereen Rayle
Originally, Bartholdi had reps sent around the country to get donations to build the statue and left 40 blank medallions on her pedestal where the state's name would be engraved. Unfortunately, the fundraising effort was a complete fail, so those 40 spaces remained blank.

The Statue of Liberty

Shereen Rayle
While it is said that the face of Lady Liberty is said to be modeled after Bartholdi's mother Charlotte, it more closely resembles his brother.


Shereen Rayle
Lady Liberty almost spoke to people literally, giving speeches that could be heard all the way to Manhattan. Unfortunately (fortunately?) Thomas Edison didn't get his wish to add a phonograph to the statue to achieve this effect.

Eiffel Tower – Through the Years

Shereen Rayle
You could say that the Statue of Liberty was the reason the Eiffel Tower was built for Paris's World's Fair. The statue was Bartholdi's first ever statue design and paved the way for the tower by getting his name out there as a great statue-designer.
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