10 Beginner Snowboard Skills - First Day Riding

These 10 skills are going to show you how to turn down your first run, get around the mountain with your snowboard on and prepare you for the chairlift. You can learn these 10 beginner snowboard skill on your first day snowboarding, but everyone learns at their own pace, so it's okay to spread these beginner skills over a few days of riding.

10 Beginner Snowboard Gear Tips

In this beginner snowboard video I've got 10 gear tips to help you on your first day of snowboarding. From my experience teaching beginners you always run into a few problem with your snowboard gear. These tips will help you to have a smooth first day or snowboarding and help you to progress faster.

Brooke Louvier
Great tips on finding the best gear.

10 Beginner Snowboarding Hacks

10 beginner snowboard hacks to help make your first day of riding run smoother. A hack is basically an easy solution to a common problem.

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