GREATGM: World Building Part 2

Part Two of the World Building series. In this episode I show you how to use Part One theory practically when building a world for your roleplaying game.

How to Build a Campaign World| Deities & DemiGods| Game Master Tips

Deities and Demigods Our how to build a campaign world series continues. For this Game Master tips with Nerdarchy we have Nate the Nerdarch joining us as well a list of ideas from our viewers and subscribers.. We are going to be expanding upon creating or building a campaign world from the ground up from our last video. Now we are going to be building our campaign world for the dungeons and dragons 5th edition game we are currently playing in, but that doesn't mean our GM tips are specific to D&D exclusively. We'll always start with concepts that aren't really specific fantasy or any other genre and then work towards the specific goal of fleshing out our fantasy campaign world. Our intent is to arm game masters and dungeon masters alike with tips for creating a better role-playing environment for their players and non-player characters. We start the discussion with the high concept. One to three sentences that describe the overall theme/themes and feel of your campaign world. Feel free to share your world building tips down below in the comments.

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