What is Crystal Healing and How Do I Start?

Many have turned to healing with crystals to enhance their overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Crystal healing therapies can be great complements to traditional treatments. Specific crystals can also be programmed to work on specific issues. How do you know which crystal to use? Trust your intuition or check out crystal healing guide.

How to Sense and Feel Crystal Energy

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Having trouble feeling crystal energy? Check out this fun video.

Crystals and Sacred Geometry

As you become more comfortable working with crystal energy, you may also want to consider the healing properties of certain shapes of crystals. Working with the principals of sacred geometry in your crystal healing may deepen your experience.

How to Clean and Clear Crystals

Tara and Lourdes discuss various methods to clean and clear crystals. For more information on which crystals are water soluble please check out this link on the ...

Your crystals will need to be cleansed regularly to maintain their healing energies. Here's a great video that explains many easy ways to cleanse crystals effectively.
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