When considering a selection of the world's most dangerous animals it is easy to see why some sources choose humans or mosquitoes. It can't be denied that humans are the deadliest animal, killing millions of fellow humans each year. The mosquito is also often listed as the world's deadliest animal, killing two to three million people a year due to the fact it carries deadly diseases, including malaria and yellow fever. However, for this selection of the most dangerous animals, we have chosen some wild animals that would be terrifying face to face. They may not be responsible for the most kills, but they are all incredibly dangerous!

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater crocodiles have been known to eat sharks, that's how dangerous these animals are! Crocodiles have been responsible for the deaths of many humans; there is a Nile crocodile (slightly smaller than the saltwater species) called Gustave who has been accused of killing around 300 people! Male saltwater crocodiles can reach 6.3 m (20.7 ft) in length!

Dan the Info-man
Do NOT try to hand feed!

Brazilian Wandering Spider

The Brazilian Wandering Spider has been recorded by the Guinness Wolrd Records people as the most venomous spider in the world. Truly, it is the stuff of nightmares for arachnophobes! It's bad enough that this spider is huge - their bite contains Phoneutria nigriventer toxin-3 (PhTx3), a neurotoxin. A bite is intensely painful, and in some cases leads to death.

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Cancel the vacation to Brazil!

Great White Shark

Tales of Great White Sharks are familiar worldwide. In fact, there are deadlier animals at sea...both the puffer fish and the stonefish are highly poisonous. But when it comes to pure danger (and fear)...well coming face to face with a hungry 8 m (26 ft) Great White Shark is hard to beat! These sharks will even attack, and sink, small boats!

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Best to stick to the beach!

Polar Bear

Polar bears are beautiful animals to look at. Their thick fur and attractive features give them a visual appeal that belies their dangerous nature. However, these bears are ferocious carnivores that can weigh 350–700 kg (772–1,543 lb) and harbor incredible strength. Lions, tigers, jaguars - these are dangerous animals. But the Polar bear makes them look like kittens in comparison!

Dan the Info-man
Polar bear hugs are not as appealing as they sound!

Boomslang snake

Most people are at least wary of snakes, if not downright terrified of them! Although many snakes are actually harmless, it pays to avoid the boomslang snake as much as possible. A human can die from a bite from a boomslang snake, as they are infamous for their potent venom. Fortunately, these shy African snakes tend to keep away from human settlements.

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If you see one inflate its neck - run!
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