Make a Bath Bomb

One of the best ways to pamper yourself is to take a nice bath. Go to this website for tips on how to make a bath bomb that will smell great and make your bath even better.

I like these because they are fairly simple to make and you can choose whatever scent you wish.

Exfoliate Your Face

The reason your skin is so soft and smooth after being at the spa is because it is exfoliated. This video will show you the proper way to exfoliate your own face for smooth skin.

I love having smooth skin it just makes me look and feel my best.

Give Yourself a Massage

You may think that if you are having a spa day at home you have to skip the massage. This website shows you some ways to give yourself a massage so you can have all the benefits of a spa day without spending the money.

If you try these massage tips, you don't have to just use them during your spa day, they are great for relaxing anytime.

I like to choose nail polish that is bright and cheerful because it makes me smile.

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