Tips for Optimal Use

With any camera stabilizer there is a learning curve. Each camera is different. The most difficult aspect is finding the proper balance. You'll notice that the screw on the top can be set in multiple positions. This is because the center of balance on most cameras is not the actual center of the camera. You can adjust accordingly.

Also you can position the screw forward or backward. The front of the unit can also be lowered to accommodate cameras up to 2.1 lbs. There are 3 counter weights. Add or remove as many as you need to balance your camera. Lighter cameras may not need all 3 weights. Experiment with different settings.

After you attach the handle, you will notice that the gimbal can be set loose or rigid. Some prefer a loose, fluid setting while others prefer a more rigid approach. Most of our customers have told us somewhere in the middle usually works best. Other tips include lightly placing your thumb on the back of the unit, or lightly placing your other hand at the bottom of the unit.

Tips from customers:

Oil the gimbal! "A little 3 in 1 multi-purpose oil on the gimbal makes it just like butter." 

The silver screw that comes already attached in the red frame can be easily screwed and unscrewed with a penny if you want to try other settings. 

Again, this kind of stabilization is a true art. With a little practice you can yield some amazing results that rival units costing 5x the price.

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