Don't Kill Sean Bean

Sean Bean dies in everything, which is a shame because he is awesome. This blog is dedicated to ending the untimely deaths of Sean's characters in television and film. Help us save Sean Bean!

David Nachman
I miss good ole Eddard.

Top 10 Sean Bean Deaths

Warning: SPOILER ALERT! As an actor, you're expected to play dead once in a while; Sean Bean has made a career of it.

Sean Bean reads Sean Bean Memes

Sean Bean has made a career in big budget genre fare, from James Bond to "The Lord of the Rings" to "Game of Thrones," and that career of his has also inspired an entire subgenre of Internet memes, remixing his more famous lines for commentary on sports, politics, pop culture or anything, really.

David Nachman
Thankfully he made it to the end of this clip.
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