Peter Gabriel - "Sledgehammer"

The official "Sledgehammer" video in HD. Directed by Stephen R. Johnson, produced by Adam Whittaker. Claymation, pixilation, and stop motion animation.

Alex Han
The video for this song won nine MTV Awards! It is also the most played video ever on MTV!

Peter Gabriel - "Big Time"

The official "Big Time" video. Directed by Stephen R. Johnson. The fourth single to be taken from Peter's fifth studio album.

Alex Han
"Big Time," released in 1986, had a similar visually stunning video as "Sledgehammer."

Peter Gabriel - "Steam"

The official "Steam" video. Directed by Stephen R. Johnson. The second single from Peter's sixth album, US, was released in 1993.

Alex Han
The video for "Steam" could be considered a 90s update of previous hits "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time."

Peter Gabriel - "Games Without Frontiers"

The official "Games Without Frontiers" video. A top 5 single in the UK, "Games Without Frontiers" is taken from Peter's third self titled solo album.

Alex Han
Released in 1980, the video for "Games Without Frontiers" was a much more serious affair than later Gabriel videos.

Peter Gabriel - "Digging In The Dirt"

The official "Digging In The Dirt" video. Directed and Produced by John Downer. The first single from Peter's sixth album, US, released in 1992.

Alex Han
Could Peter be the most patient artist in the music industry? More stop-motion madness and hours of lying still!

Peter Gabriel - "In Your Eyes"

The official "In Your Eyes" video. Taken from the multi-platinum selling album "So," the first of Peter's studio albums to have a proper title and a watershed release.

Alex Han
"In Your Eyes" was released in 1986 and is the song playing when John Cusack holds up a boombox in the film "Say Anything..."!

Peter Gabriel - "Biko"

"Biko" is taken from Peter's third self-titled solo album. Video directed by Lol Creme.

Alex Han
"Biko" is a song about a renowned South African activist called Steve Biko. He died in police custody.
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