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Zusha is an American Hasidic folk/ soul band from Manhattan, New York. They formed in 2013 with lead singer Shlomo Gaisin, guitarist Zachariah Goldschmiedt, and drummer Elisha Mlotek. The band, named after Zusha of Hanipol, combines traditional Hasidic with secular styles like jazz, folk, and reggae.

ZUSHA // Dov Ber // Joshua Tree Part II

BH sooo excited to share our new song 'DOV BER' Inspired by Dov Ber, a special guy we met in LA who reminded us that every melody is precious, every person unique, and every moment perfect. Hope he enjoys and you :) lchayim Filmed and edited by Ora Dekornfeld : Audio Mixed by Jon Seale of Mason Jar Music Audio Recorded by Jack Goodman Cover Graphics by Taylor Ashton

Benjamin Perla
A song of there's you can only find on YouTube and a personal favorite.

Praying With Zusha

Praying With Zusha "Our mask during the year is that we're in the music industry; really, we're in the prayer industry" -Shlomo Gaisin, Zusha Between Performance and Prayer During Zusha's sound check, Shlomo objects to the sophisticated sound effects and electronic voice modifiers, crying out "I just wanna sound like me!"

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