Dr Gautam Ghosh

Dr Gautam Ghosh is the son of Lt Dr Ramesh Ch Ghosh the Emeritus Professor of Presidency College and Calcutta University , who needs no further introduction in the World of Political Science across the globe and Lt Dr Mrs Bela Ghosh the Ex Chairperson of West Bengal Public Service Commission . Dr Ghosh worked both as a Teacher and a Lawyer since 1995 , discharging his duties with fullest integrity and efficiency.

As a teacher , Dr Ghosh taught, since 1997 in various departments of prestigious Institutions and Universities Students of MBA Department, of the University of Kalyani, or Jadavpur University, or Haldia Law College still remembers him as an enigma.

At the Bureau of Police Research and Development , Government of India , Department of Home, his students who are Police Officers from various Nations not only remembers him as a man of extensive knowledge but also as man with wide perspective.

As an Academic head Dr Ghosh always pressed for an Inculcate model behavior and mannerisms by self example. While preparing long-term teaching programs and daily lessons in accordance with the guidelines of the education system he always strived to engage the students with activities to boost them students intellectually. His unique methodology included a subtle swing between formal and informal methods of teaching, He understands empathetically the diverse background students their strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest and is always ready to adjust teaching styles to meet individual needs of students. 

His book on Police Accountability titled Police Accountability at the Cutting Edge Level has been acclaimed as an welcome addition to the research collection section of the Library of London School of Economics & has been widely appreciated by the British Library London, Asia Pacific Africa Collection Section.

It has been kept also in The National Library of Australia and in the world famous Shangai library of China, Bahria University of Islambad apart from being kept in leading Institutions , like Indian Institute of Public Administration ,New Delhi. 

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