Comic book heroines have grown in stature over the last few decades, with certain famous names easily matching their male counterparts. Now it's not simply about adding "girl" as a suffix to a pre-existing male character (sorry Supergirl and Batgirl). This is a collection of some of the greatest comic book heroines of all time.

Top 10 Superheroines of All Time

DC and Marvel have both served up some mind-blowing male heroes, but the women are wondrous as well! If the two universes were to collide, which woman would be the greatest heroine?

Storm: first appearance in 1975

Image of Storm.

Dan the Info-man
Ororo Munroe can control the weather and fly. One of the main members of the X-Men, Storm was the first black female comic book character.

She-Hulk: first appearance in 1980

Image of She-Hulk.

Dan the Info-man
At least she is not called Hulk Girl! Unlike her male counterpart she retains her intelligence and control whilst green, making her much more challenging!
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