Make Coasters

Maybe you have a friend that is always telling you and others to use a coaster for your drink. If so, consider making them a coaster. It is affordable, easy and fun. This website will give you several ideas about what theme to choose.

I like the idea of personalized coaster and your friend will feel extra special about your thoughtful gift.

Decorate Wine Glasses

These are a big hit for people that are always hosting a party. They can be as easy and as affordable as you want. They can be used as decorations or in any other way you choose. Go to this website for more information on how to make them and some design ideas.

This will be a great conversation starter for any party or get together.

Photo Frames

Everyone has pictures from their favorite events or parties so making a photo frame is a great gift idea for anyone. Go to this website for more information on how to make a variety of different frames.

These are great for anyone that takes several pictures but never has enough frames. They can be personalized too.

Consider Candles

Almost everyone uses candles in their home to make it smell nice. Candles can be made using different scents and designs and they don't have to be expensive. This website shows you an easy way to make candles using old ones you already have.

I love getting candles and the homemade ones are so creative and usually last longer than small ones you may buy at the store.

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