Cities in World: Avignon (France)

Shereen Rayle
This town is, literally, in ruins. While the historic city stands and thrives, there are many ruins around to visit, including the most famous: The Saint-Bénézet Bridge only half stands when it used to connect the town to the isle of Villeneuve.

Honfleur, Honfleur, France

Shereen Rayle
This busy port is very important. The city itself has been many things in its lifetime: an artist's region, a military fortress and the political hub of the Duchy of Normandy. There's a mash of architectural eras represented, making it very interesting indeed.

Les Baux Provence in the south of France near Nimes.

Shereen Rayle
With its cobbled streets and courtyard gardens, this tiny village makes you feel as if you've both stepped back in time and into a movie set. Bring your walking shoes to visit its amazing sites and be prepared to really just kick back and relax with a glass of wine in a sweet little cafe.
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