WestJet Flights - Why fly with WestJet?

Shereen Rayle
Another budget carrier with less than stellar customer service on and off the ground. While the flight attendants tend to put all their effort into the holidays and ignore the rest of the year.

HP Alitalia

Premium Economy Discover a new way to fly: with premium economy, on long-haul international flights, space, comfort and technology are not mere details.

United Airlines

Shereen Rayle
The customers' new motto for United is "from first to worst". It appears the crew members hate being onboard as much as the passengers, as their inattentiveness and complaints about their jobs make for an unenjoyable trip all around.

Allegiant Airline: It's growing!

Shereen Rayle
Between the terrible service and the ever-changing schedules, Allegiant makes it difficult for travelers to get to their destination on time and stress-free.
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