What do the Visibility settings mean?

When you make a Collection you can make the Collection public so that the Collection will appear in our search results.  If you wish to have this Collection only be seen by you, you can make the Collection private.  We also offer the ability for users to have their Collection be unlisted.  This will enable you to share the Collection but the Collection will not appear in the results.

I finished a Collection. Why am I not seeing it in any results?

You should confirm that you have published your Collection and that your visibility settings are set to Public.  Also, make sure you have at least three items in your Collection.  

How is the display of Collections determined?

We display Collections based on a number of factors that we incorporate into our proprietary algorithm to display Collections.  Just know that the more people view and enjoy your Collection, the more people will see it.

What is the GoTo Score?

The GoTo Score helps to capture the quality of the Collection to our users.  Initially, as we roll out the GoTo Score, a higher GoTo Score may not mean a higher relevance to the search keyword searched.  The GoTo Score is calculated using our proprietary algorithms and takes into consideration many factors including the age of the Collection, the intention of the user (when provided), etc. We intend to modify the GoTo scoring algorithm continually to bring higher quality Collections to our users. As we develop this algorithm, the same Collection could have different GoTo Scores for different types of keyword searches, users, devices, etc.

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